Suppressing a solidarity sit-in with prisoners
October 31, 2019


On Thursday evening, the Israeli occupation forces suppressed a solidarity sit-in with the prisoners on hunger strike held in the area of Damascus Gate in Jerusalem. 

Eyewitnesses said that the Israeli occupation forces dispersed a group of Jerusalemites, while chanting patriotic songs and chants to the prisoners in the area of Damascus Gate, and then arrested lawyer Farah Bayadseh, Dana Rweidi, Omar al-Khatib and Muayyad Dibeh.

The witnesses added that the Israeli occupation forces detained the detainees inside the occupation forces' room in the area of ​​Damascus Gate and surrounded the entire place, and tried to remove the citizens by force from the area, until they took them to Salah al-Din Street police station. 

Wadi Hilweh information center learned that the Israeli occupation forces released Rweidi, al-Khatib and Dibeh on condition of staying away from Damascus Gate area and Salah al-Din Street for two weeks, and unconditionally released lawyer Bayadseh.