Extending the arrest of activist Abu al-Hummos…constant pursuit
November 15, 2019


The occupation court extended on Friday the arrest of the Jerusalemite activist and member of the follow-up committee in the village of Issawiya, Mohammed Abu al-Hummos, until Sunday, on suspicion of "assaulting a policeman and obstructing the work of the police."

Wadi Hilweh Information Center explained that a hearing session was held for the activist Abu al-Hummosat the Magistrate Court, and the judge decided to release him, but the Public Prosecution demanded the freezing of the release decision and submitted its appeal to the District Court, and the latter approved the request, and extended his detention until Sunday.

Abu al-Hummos suffers from bruises and severe aches, especially in ​​the back and lower limbs, as a result of the assault during his arrest last Thursday from the entrance to the village of Issawiya, noting that he was arrested and transferred to al-Maskobyeh center in West Jerusalem and remained untreated for several hours, and was transferred to the hospital late Friday evening, He was presented to court in the morning.

The family of Abu al-Hummos said that in recent months he was subjected to actual arrest and deportation from his place of residence, and was beaten and pursued in an attempt to prevent him from filming and monitoring events inside the village, most recently last week, where he was severely beaten while filming the occupation forces’ raid on the village, and suffered a wound in the face and neck pain and bruises. He received medical treatment at al-Maqased Hospital.