Abu Nab family…waiting for the investigation’s results regarding the death of their son and the releasing of his body
November 17, 2019

The circumstances of the killing of Faris Abu Nab by the Israeli police on Sunday morning near the tunnel checkpoint, south of Jerusalem, remain unclear.

Faris’s father said that he heard the news of the shooting of a young Jerusalemite between 9-10 am, while he received several calls to ask about the young man who was shot dead by the Israeli police near the tunnel checkpoint, until he received a call from someone telling him that his name is "Faris or Firas”. He said: “I was worried and I immediately called Faris several times, but his phone was switched off".

He added: "I went to the police stations in Salah al-Din Street, Moria and then to rooms 4 in West Jerusalem, and from one interrogator to another asking about Faris and their answer was"the file is not with me."

Abu Nab said that the police and investigators refused to confirm his death or injury or disclose his medical condition or if he was in detention, until one of the interrogators who speaks Arabic came and told him that the vehicle was suspected and fire was opened towards it.

While the father was at the Al-Maskobyeh police station in "Rooms 4",he received a call from the policeinvestigation unit “Mahash” telling him about the death of his son, and asked him to come and file a complaint and approve his autopsy to begin the investigation of the circumstances of the incident, but the father refused their request.

In the parking lot of "Rooms 4", the father was surprised to see his son’s car “a silver Volkswagen Passat” being held by the Israeli police, and had no traces of bullets and or broken windows. He said: “The car’s situation assures that he was taken out and executed”.

On its part, the "Mahash"unit said that the investigation is still ongoing in the shooting incident of Abu Nab, and the policeman who fired towards him was released on restricted conditions.

The Israeli police justified the shooting towards the young man by saying they were “chasing the suspects of a cell for theft of cars, where they fired shots at the car severely injuring the driver, and was declared dead after attempts to revive him in the hospital."

The family explained that their son was transporting the workers, and the talk about shooting towards the vehicle is not correct, the car is intact and has no signs of bullets.

The occupation authorities continue to detain the body of Faris Abu Nab, and the family is still waiting to receive the body and get the full investigation results.

Clashes and a settler fires shots in the air

Wadi Hilweh Information Center reported that clashes broke out late in the evening between the Israeli occupation forces and the young men in Ras al-Amoud neighborhood in Silwan, and in the vicinity of the house of Abu Nab family in the Central Neighborhood.

A settler opened fire from the window of his vehicle in Ras al-Amoud, and the Israeli occupation forces raided the area and heavily fired sound grenades, rubber bullets and tear gas canisters towards the house of Abu Nab family, and were stationed close to it.