Occupation forces assault the worshippers in Bab Al-Rahma chapel and arrest three of them
January 2, 2020

On Thursday evening, tension prevailed in Bab Al-Rahma chapel area inside Al-Aqsa Mosque after the occupation forces assaulted the worshipers with pepper gas.

One of the worshipers explained that the occupation forces sprayed pepper gas and chased the worshipers (women and men) in the upper area of Bab Al-Rahma chapel between the Evening and Night prayers, and many of them suffered from suffocation.

He added that the occupation forces surrounded the chapel while the worshipers were inside, and prevented other worshipers from entering it for several minutes, then withdrew from the place and stationed in large numbers in the vicinity of the chapel.

The occupation forces arrested 3 young men from Al-Aqsa; Mohammad Al-Shawish, Alaa Al-Bizra and Omar Mheisen, while summoning other youths while exiting Al-Aqsa Mosque after the Night prayer.

Worshipers pointed out that the occupation police were deployed in the vicinity of Bab Al-Rahma chapel from the afternoon hours and prevented the entry of food or drink to it, and began searching the worshipers as they were going to the chapel.

The worshipers said that dozens of fasting worshipers broke their fast in the upper area of Bab Al-Rahma chapel after they were prevented from entering the food into the chapel.