Two incidents in Jerusalem…A Martyr and a detainee
February 6, 2020

Shadi Al-Banna, a 45-year-old Palestinian, was martyred on Thursday, during a shooting at Lions Gate- one of Al-Aqsa Mosque’s gates, and the occupation forces arrested Sanad Al-Torman from the village of Al-Tur under the pretext of carrying out a “run-over” attack against Israeli soldiers on Thursday early morning hours.

A Martyr in Jerusalem

On Thursday noon, the area of Lions Gate witnessed an exchange of fire between the Palestinian youth Shadi Al-Banna from the city of Haifa in the 1948 lands and members of the Israeli police while they were at Lions Gate.

Video footage from the site showed that the occupation forces chased the young man and shot him multiple time, then he was held at his place of his martyrdom for several hours while conducting field checks and investigations.

In its statement, the Israeli police said that one of the policemen was wounded during the shooting incident.

The police also announced that they had arrested a person who was in the car in which Al-Banna was traveling to reach Jerusalem.

The occupation forces closed all the gates of the Old City of Jerusalem and the gates of Al-Aqsa Mosque for several minutes after the incident, and reopened them except for Hutta and Lions gates, as the closure continued until the police completed their investigations.

Arresting Sanad Al-Torman

The occupation police announced the arrest of Sanad Torman, 45, on the pretext of "carrying out a run-over" in Jerusalem at dawn on Thursday, which resulted in the injury of 12 soldiers from the "Golani" brigade.

The police added that they arrested Al-Torman at the junction of Gush Etzion settlement, in the West Bank, and had confiscated the vehicle that he used to carry out the attack from the city of Beit Jala.

Lawyer Mohamed Mahmoud stated that the police extended the arrest of Al-Torman to present him to court on Friday.

Preventing a ceremony

On the other hand, the occupation forces and intelligence services stormed St. George’s School in Jerusalem on Thursday evening, and prevented the signing of the strategic partnership agreement between the "Jerusalem Endowment Fund” and the “YMCA."

The forces summoned some of the ceremony’s participants for investigation.