Jabal Al-Mukabber…A self-demolition and 5 people are homeless
February 9, 2020

On Sunday morning, Al-Debs family self-demolished their home in the village of Jabal Al-Mukabber, south of Jerusalem, following a decision by the occupation municipality.

Al-Debs family explained that they implemented the court’s decision, which gave them 12 days to implement the demolition, in order to avoid paying “the demolition costs”to the municipality and the accompanying forces.

The family was forced to demolish the house, after years of attempts to license it, and had paid the costs of court hearings and lawyer’s fees, as the court imposed a “building violation fine”on the family of NIS 45,000.

The house was home to 5 individuals, and it has been in existence for 4 years. The municipality started pursuing the family one years after they built the house and moved in on the pretext of "preventing construction on land confiscated by the state."

In addition, the owner of the house, Maha Al-Debs, explained that the family has all the identification documents that confirm their ownership of the land for decades, and they were not informed of the confiscation decision after the construction process.