Following the Dawn Prayer…Assaulting worshippers and randomly issuing fines
February 14, 2020

On Friday morning, the occupation forces assaulted dozens of worshipers while they were in the road between Hutta Gate and Lions Gate – two of Al-Aqsa gates- by beating, kicking and pushing, and forcibly evacuated the area and forced them to leave outside Lions Gate "outside of Old City of Jerusalem".

For the sixth consecutive Friday, thousands of worshipers performed the Dawn Prayer at the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, despite repression, restrictions, prosecutions, and expulsions from Al-Aqsa.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center stated that the occupation forces chased the worshipers after the Dawn Prayer between Hutta Gate and Lions Gate, some of them who are banned from entering Al-Aqsa and some of them who had just finished the Dawn Prayer inside the Al-Aqsa and was on his way to his home. The forces beat the worshippers including women, men and the elderly until they cleared the area.

The worshipers confirmed they were assaulted for no reason, as some of them were walking to their homes and some were sitting waiting for their families, to be surprised by the attack by the Special Forces and the police.

The worshipers added that the occupation forces, accompanied by crews from the municipality, issued two fines fortwo Jerusalemites; the first wasfor one of the worshipers who had bought pastries for his family members. The forces surrounded him and confiscated the pastries from him and issued him a fine of 475 shekels. The second fine was issued to a Jerusalemite who was giving out coffee to the worshipers while leaving Al-Aqsa. The forces prevented him, detained him, and a municipal employee issued him a similar fine.

In the early morninghours, the occupation forces arrested Mohammad Bakri and Bashar Najib after storming their homes in the Old City of Jerusalem.

After the Friday Noon Prayer, the occupation forces stormed Al-Aqsa Mosque, and removed and confiscated a banner that was placed in the courtyard of Al-Qibali Mosque against the “Deal of the Century”.