Targeting the child Malek Issa with a rubber bullet in Issawiya putting him at risk of losing his eye
February 15, 2020

The 8-year old Malek Issa is currently receiving treatment at Hadassah Hospital, "Ein Kerem", after he was hit with a rubber bullet in the face, which caused skull fractures and damage to his left eye.

The father of the injured child stated that his son had been transferred to Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital, and underwent the necessary tests and x-rays, pointing out that the rubber bullet hit the "forehead" area between the eyes, and caused damage to his left eye putting the child at risk of losing it. Up until Saturday evening, the condition of his eye was still unknown and the child is expected to undergo surgery to find out the exact damage caused by the rubber bullet. He also suffered skull fractures and other complications in the face.

The child’s father added that his son was heading home in the village of Issawiya after school, accompanied by his sisters, and after they got off the bus that that they took to the village, he went to the grocery store and as soon as he left it, he was shot with a rubber bullet, apparently from a very close distance due to the severity of the injuries.