Two Jerusalemites self-demolish their homes in Silwan and Issawiya
February 21, 2020


The occupation municipality forced two Jerusalemites to self-demolish their homes in the villages of Silwan and Issawiya under the pretext of building without a permit.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center stated that the occupation municipality issued a decision to demolish two homes owned by Yaser Abbasi and Yehya Abu Rayaleh, and gave them only a few days to carry out the demolition, in order to avoid paying fines and demolition fees to the municipal staff and the forces accompanying them.


Yaser Abbasi said that he had started from the morning to demolish his house in the neighborhood of Ras Al-Amoud, as the municipality gave him only until Sunday to implement the decision, and also demanded him to demolish the walls surrounding the land.

Abbasi added that the area of the house is 100 square meters, and 6 people lived in it.


Yehya Abu Rayaleh explained that he was forced to implement the occupation municipality’s decision to demolish his house where he lived with his family (4 individuals). He said he was only given 4 days to implement the demolition.

He added: “Despite the difficulty of self-demolishing, we are forced to do so in order to avoid paying new fines and violation fees to whoever demolishes my house”!