Pictures: After losing sight in his eye… A decision to enucleate the child’s eye
February 22, 2020

Doctors at Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital decided to enucleate the left eye of the child, Malek Wael Issa, 8 years old, after he lost sight in it.

Wael Issa, the child’s father, explained that the doctors decided to remove Malik's eye, because they could not sew the internal wound that afflicted the eye, and the survival of the eye could lead to inflammation that could reach the brain and cause damage to the right eye due to the presence of more than one wound in the skull "forehead” area.

Issa explained that the surgical operation to enucleate eye will take place at the time that we give the doctors approval to conduct it, as we have been trying and want to keep Malek’s eye, for looks.

Issa said: "Malek stayed crying all night yesterday, because he does not want to have his eye removed and he wants it to stay, let alone aches in his eye, head, and stomach due to the medicine he is taking."

The child was injured last Saturday on 15/2/2020, while he was on his way home after school in Issawiya, accompanied by his sisters, and after getting out of the bus that was taking them to the village, Malek went to the grocery store and as soon as he got out, a rubber bullet was fired at him and hit him between the eyes.

His father explained that Malek underwent 3 surgeries. The first was to control brain hemorrhage and treat fractures of the skull and to stop the flow of viscous material surrounding the brain, which was a great risk to his life. The doctors opened his head completely from ear to ear during the surgery. The second was to attempt to sew the wound in the left eye but were unable to do so. Few days later, we were informed that Malek had lost sight in his eye, and then he underwent a third operation in his eye to sew the wound and indeed they were able to sew part of it, but after the examination it was revealed that the doctors were unable to completely sew it and therefore the decision was made to perform the enucleation process of his left eye.

He explained that Malek's injury greatly affected the family, especially his sisters who were with him at the moment of his injury, and that following up on his health condition put the family in great stress and anxiety.