Issawiya…A student gets injured by a rubber bullet in his hand while inside his school
March 3, 2020

On Tuesday, the 15-year-old Mohammed Awni Atiya was hit by a rubber bullet in his hand while he was in the courtyard of his school, "Boys Secondary School", in the village of Al-Issawiya.

Mohammad Abu Al-Hummos, member of the follow-up committee in Issawiya, explained to Wadi Hilweh Information Center that the occupation’s Special Forces stormed Al-Madares Street in the village, in conjunction with the school’s break between the classes ", and while students were buying from the vendors through the main school gate- as usual -, the soldiers got off their vehicle and walked parallel to the main gate.

Abu Al-Hummos added that the occupation forces attacked the school gates and pointed their weapons towards the students through the gates’ separators and fired rubber bullets without regard for the crowded courtyards, where the student Atiya was injured; he was immediately transferred for treatment.

The parents' committee in Issawiya denounced the disregard for the lives of students and the failure to provide them with a safe environment even when they are inside their schools, not to mention the storming and deployment in Al-Madares Street in the morning and afternoon time.

The committee said: "The school yard was full of students, and the occupation’s claims of throwing stones at the forces passing by from the area do not give them the justification for endangering the lives of all students," noting that about 300 students study in the high school aged between 15-18 years.

The committee indicated that the 8-year old boy Malik Wael Issa was injured after the end of his school day while he was on his way to his home in the village last month, which led to the loss of his eye. The forces also raided the same school last November, and assaulted the administrative and educational staff and arrested a student, not to mention the daily provocations of students while going to their schools or returning to their homes.