Harassing and banning “Preventive Initiatives” from Coronavirus…arresting 8 youths
March 16, 2020


On Monday, the Israeli occupation forces arrested 8 Jerusalemite youths as they sanitized public facilities in Silwan and the neighborhood of Al-Sowaneh in the city, to prevent the spread of coronavirus, on the pretext of "violating Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem and carrying out activities of the Palestinian Authority in the city."

Wadi Hilweh Information Center stated that a group of Jerusalemite youths sanitized public facilities in Silwan and Al-Sowaneh, spraying them with sterile materials. During that time, the occupation forces interfered with their work, checked the identities of some of them, and arrested 8 youths.

The youths Al-Sowaneh neighborhood said that they started sterilization work for some public facilities, as the neighborhood includes many of them "a mosque, hotels, a church, schools, a hospital and dental clinic", and indeed they sterilized them with the exception of schools and hospital since they were stopped by the forces that arrested 4 of them and confiscated their equipment.

The youths added that the initiative aims to protect the residents of the neighborhood and those who come to it from the sick and their families, but the occupation authorities did not like it! The forces arrested: Areen Za’aneen, Mahmoud Abu Gharbiya, Basil Ghneim and Barakat Za’tari.

In Silwan, upon the arrival of the young men to Al-Ein Street after they sterilized mosques and the Gethsemane Church in the neighborhoods of the town, the forces surrounded and arrested them. They are: Khaled Al-Ghoul, Tarek Abbasi, Hussam Abbasi and Kamel Sharaf.