April 2020- Assaults, arrests and fines continue to be imposed against Jerusalemites amid the Corona virus crisis
May 4, 2020


The occupation authorities continued their violations and repressive practices in the city of Jerusalem last April, despite the outbreak of the Corona epidemic "Covid 19" and the preventive measures against the virus.

The center said in its monthly report that the occupation authorities continued to execute arrests and incursions into Jerusalemite neighborhoods, despite the procedures for defining the movement, and the closure of many commercial facilities and educational institutions, to prevent the outbreak of the Corona epidemic.


The occupation authorities continued executing arrests and raids on residential homes in the villages and neighborhoods of the city. Wadi Hilweh Information Center monitored 92 cases of detention in Jerusalem, including 17 minors and one female.

The arrests were concentrated in Issawiya (29) followed by Silwan (28), Old City of Jerusalem (16), Shu’fat Refugee Camp (8), in addition to arrests in Al-Sowaneh, Sur Baher, Jabal Al-Mukabber and Beit Hanina.

Among the detainees werethe Jerusalem Governor Adnan Ghaith and Jerusalem Minister Fadi Al-Hidmi, who were arrested on the pretext of "working to combat the Corona virus and helping Jerusalemites fight the epidemic", in violation of the "annexation of Jerusalem" laws, as it is considered an infringement on Israeli sovereignty over the city.

The occupation forces also stormed the home of the head of the Supreme Islamic Authority Sheikh Ekrema Sabri, on the pretext of his media statements, and held him responsible for any events in Al-Aqsa Mosque, and threatened him that he would only see Al-Aqsa Mosque in pictures!!!

The occupation intelligence summoned the director of Al-Aqsa Mosque, Sheikh Omar Al-Kiswani, for investigation at the police station.

The forces also arrested the Jerusalemite MP Mohammad Abu Tair, who was expelled from Jerusalem after his residency was suspended, and the occupation authorities transferred him to administrative detention.


Also, last April, the occupation authorities confiscated tens of sheep from Wadi Al-Hummos, and eggs from the village of Sur Baher, as well as various goods of vegetables and fruits from Shu’fat refugee camp.

Prevention measures

The occupation authorities continued to pursue the measures taken to prevent the Corona virus, and they summoned activists from Silwan, on the pretext of being in the location where samples are examined for the virus in Silwan (public hall), under the supervision of the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

The activists were released on conditions of house-arrest and not to communicate between each other.

Under the pretext of “preventive measures against the corona virus”, the occupation police issued dozens of fines and tickets ranging between 500-5000 shekels for Jerusalemites; they issued fines for worshipers who performed prayers at the gates of Al-Aqsa, despite their commitment to the procedures "spacing between them and wearing masks", as well as fines for more than 30 young people from the Christian Quarter in the Old City,after they celebrated the “Holy Saturday”, the value of each ticket was 5 thousand shekels. Also, fines were issued for 7 protesters against settlement in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood and the value of each was 5 thousand shekels as well, despite the full commitment to preventive measures.

Fines were also issued for 8 Jerusalemite youths from Silwan, some of whom were arrested, and some of them went to the police station to sign the conditions for their release, amounting to 22,000 shekels.

Settlers' attacks

In early April, settlers attacked 4 young men in West Jerusalem with sharp tools and poisonous pepper gas, and beat them resulting in the injury of one of them in the head.