Closing Al-Amal Voluntary Association, and arresting its director
May 17, 2020


The Minister of Internal Security in the occupation government issued a decision to close “Al-Amal Voluntary Association” for a period of 6 months, on the pretext that it implemented activities of the Palestinian Authority in Jerusalem, and arrested its director.

The media official in the association, Ahmed Jalajel, explained that the occupation intelligence broke into the association’s headquarters in Beit Hanina, north of Jerusalem, and placed the closure decision that is signed by the Minister of Security.

Jalajel added that the argument for closing the association is violating the law implementing the agreement regarding the West Bank and Gaza Strip, by implementing activities and working for the Palestinian Authority in the city of Jerusalem.

Jalajel emphasized that the association provides various services to young people, children and women, to marginalized families and people with special needs.

On his part, attorney Khaldoun Nijem explained that the director of the association had been transferred to investigation at Al-Maskobyehpolice station in West Jerusalem.