The occupation chief of police prevents an activity against the expulsion of Sheikh Sabri from Al-Aqsa
June 3, 2020


By decision of the chief of the occupation police in Jerusalem, the occupation authorities repressed a sit-in in front of the house of the head of the Supreme Islamic Authority and the Imam and preacher of Al-Aqsa Mosque Sheikh Ekrema Sabri in Al-Sowaneh neighborhood in Jerusalem, under the pretext that it was organized by the Fatah movement.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center stated that the occupation forces and intelligence stormed the vicinity of Sheikh Sabri’s house before the start of the sit-in, which was to be held after noon prayer, followed bya press conference before the Sheikh went to the investigation center at “Al Qishleh”, as the intelligence had summoned him at noon for an intention to renew the expulsion orders against him.

The center added that the occupation forces checked the identities of those present in the area, and then started yelling and pushing them. Among the detainees were: Member of the Legislative Council, Jihad Abu Zneid, Sheikh Abdullah Alqam, Secretary General of the Tribes of Jerusalem and Palestine, and Hamdi Diab. The forces also summoned others, including journalists, who were present to cover the sit-in.

The occupation forces also assaulted 3 lawyers who were present at the scene, including Khaled Zabarqa, Medhat Deebeh, and Hamza Qutteineh.

The occupation authorities placed the decision to prevent the sit-in at Sheikh Sabri’s home.