Arresting 3 women…suppressing a demonstration against the killing of Martyr Al-Hallaq…demolishing a house
June 9, 2020

On Tuesday, the occupation forces arrested 3 women after suppressing a demonstration condemning the killing of Martyr Eyad Al-Hallaq in Salah Al-Din Street in Jerusalem, while the occupation municipality demolished a house in the village of Silwan.

Suppression and arrest

The occupation forces arrested Hala Marshoud, Wujdan Al-Ghoul and Zeina Barbar, from the neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah in Jerusalem, after they were assaulted and pushed.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center stated that the occupation forces immediately suppressed a march from Salah Al-Din Street, and pushed the participants towards Nablus Street to Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, and during that assaulted them with pushing and beating.

Despite the crackdown and beating, the participants chanted slogans condemning the execution of the Martyr Al-Hallaq, and supporting prisoners.


The occupation municipality’s bulldozers demolished a house for the Hijazi family in the neighborhood of Ras Al-Amoud in Silwan.

Hijazi family explained that 10 individuals live in the house, including 8 children and a woman with special needs. The municipality started pursuing the family since the beginning of this month, and this morning the family was surprised by the storming of the house and demolishing it, noting that the house has been in existence for 6 years


The court decided to release Mrs. Hanadi Al-Halawani, on condition of deportation from the Old City of Jerusalem for two weeks, while Omar Mheisen was expelled from Al-Aqsa Mosque for 6 months.

The court also extended the arrest of Yazan Obaid, Mohammad Mubtasem Obaid, Mohammad Ismat Obaid, and Areen Za’aneen until next Thursday, and Mohammad Sameeh Abbasi until next Sunday.