Issawiya- The injury of a young man and arresting 6 others
June 10, 2020


A young man was wounded and six arrested on Wednesday evening after the Israeli forces stormed the village of Issawiya.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center, quoting the activist and member of the Follow-up Committee in Issawiya, Mohammad Abu Hummos, that Mohammed Marwan Obaid was wounded in the head during the storming of Obaid neighborhood in the village, and the random use of sound grenades and rubber bullets.

Abu Al-Hummos added that clashes broke out in Obaid neighborhood after the occupation forces stormed it and deployed in its streets.

The forces also arrested young men from their homes and some of them while being in the center of the village.

According to eyewitnesses, the occupation forces intentionally provoked the youths who were present in the mosque square and insulted them, and when the youths objected to this, the soldiers attacked them.

Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud, who was able to visit the detainees and provide them with legal consultancy in Salah Al-Din Street police station. He explained that the detainees were: Iyas Obaid, Yazan Obaid, Ahmad Tutanji, Qusai Darwish and Hussein Obaid.

The occupation forces stormed the village again after the arrest of the youth, and deployed in its neighborhoods and streets, and arrested Mohammed Mahmoud Atyeh.