Demolishing 3 homes in Issawiya and Jabal Al-Mukabber
July 1, 2020

On Wednesday, the occupation municipality's bulldozers demolished 3 homes in the villages of Issawiya and Jabal Al-Mukabber, on the pretext of building without a permit.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center explained that the occupation municipality's crews carried out a demolition operation of 3 houses: 2 in Issawiya and 1 in Jabal Al-Mukabber, and the occupation authorities stormed the two villages, surrounded the targeted houses, closed the roads leading to them, and then proceeded with the demolition process.


Activist and member of the Follow-up Committee, Mohammad Abu Al-Hummos, explained that the occupation’s bulldozers demolished the homes of Atyeh Mteir and Mrs. Hayat Mheisen.

Mteir explained to the information center that he had built his home about a month ago which consisted of a room and its benefits "adjacent to his home" for his son's family of 3 individuals, but the occupation bulldozers carried out the demolition of the new house and also caused great damage to the old house, as the bulldozers caused extensive cracks in the walls and roof of the house.

Mteir added that the old house was built since 2013.

The occupation bulldozers also demolished the home of Mrs. Hayat Mheisen, where 4 individuals lived, and has an area of 80 square meters.

Jabal Al-Mukabber

The occupation municipality's bulldozers demolished the house of the Za'atra family, which had existed for about 10 years, despite repeated attempts to license the house from the competent authorities and assigning a lawyer and an engineer to follow up the file, until the Supreme Court refused to freeze the demolition and decided to demolish the house. 

Yassin Za’atra said that 5 individuals lived in the house, and a fine was imposed on them for "building without a license", and the family was committed to paying it.