Occupation forces arrest the governor of Jerusalem and a freed prisoner after completing his prison sentence
July 19, 2020

On Sunday, the occupation forces arrested the Jerusalem Governor Adnan Gheith after storming his house in the Central Neighborhood of Silwan.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center explained that this is the third time in the current year that the governor of Jerusalem gets arrested. He was previously arrested in April and May.

The occupation forces also arrested the freed prisoner, Sultan Rabah Abu Al-Hummos, upon his release from the Negev Prison.

Abu Al-Hummos family indicated that the occupation intelligence arrested Sultan upon his release from the Negev Prison, after serving his 7-year sentence.

On the other hand, Izz Berber turned himself in to the administration of Nafha prison, to serve his sentence "one-month prison sentence" on charges of assaulting a policeman in 2016.

The occupation police also released the boy, Mohammad Ajlouni, and Mohammad Hajij, and Ala’ Ajlouni, after they were arrested and interrogated for several hours on the pretext of "launching a kite bearing the colors of the Palestinian flag in the Old City of Jerusalem."