Silwan- Abbasi family self-demolishes its home
August 14, 2020


On Friday, the Jerusalemite Mahdi al-Abbasi self-demolished his house in the town of Silwanunder the pretext of building without a permit.

Mahdi built his house, whose area does not exceed 40 square meters, of reinforced tin plates and dry walls, 7 months ago, and he and his wife moved-in after their marriage. The occupation municipality issued last month a final order to demolish the house, and according to the decision the family has to demolish it before Eid Al-Adha. The lawyer was able to postpone the demolition.

The family explained that the municipality gave them until 20/08/2020 to demolish the house, otherwise its machinery and crews will do so, and they must pay a the "demolition fee", forcing the family to self-demolish it.

Last year, the Jerusalem municipality had demolished residential and commercial facilities for the Abbasi family, and obliged them to pay "the demolition fee", as explained by the family.