Arrests from the village of Issawiya
August 19, 2020

On Wednesday, the occupation forces executed a series of arrests in the village of Issawiya, and arrested two employees of the Islamic Endowments Department.

In Issawiya, the occupation forces stormed the village at dawn, and spread to its neighborhoods and streets, and during that time intelligence personnel and special forces stormed several homes and executed arrests.

Local sources from the village stated that the occupation forces arrested:

1. Mohammad Walid Alayan

2. Mohammad Marwan Obaid

3. Mahmoud Shafiq Obaid

4. Mahmoud Moussa Derbas

5. Ahmed Obaid

6. Mohammad Ghadeb Obaid

7. Yazan Obaid

8. Wadih Alayan

9. Mutasem Obaid

In Al-Aqsa Mosque, the occupation forces arrested Zeinat Abu Sbeih, head of the females Guards Department, and Emran Al-Ashhab, an employee of the reconstruction department. They also arrested a young man while he was in the courtyards, coinciding with the settlers' incursions into the mosque.