Occupation municipality demolish a house in Silwan
August 25, 2020


On Tuesday, the occupation municipality crews demolished a house for the Al-Khalis family, in the neighborhood of Ein Al-Lozeh in Silwan.

The Al-Khalis family explained that the municipality crews stormed the home of Khaled Al-Khalis and began demolishing it by "cutting the roofs". They also used a small bulldozer to demolish the internal walls.

The family added that the municipality demolished parts of the house, and required the family to complete the demolition, and imposed on them a NIS 50-thousand fare for "demolition costs."

The family explained that the 170-square-meter house has been in place since April, and the municipality had issued a demolition order for it, pointing out that the last hearing session in court took place about a month ago.

The occupation municipality crews also completed the demolition of the house of Ihab Aqeel, who began to demolish it two weeks ago.

The center stated that the municipality crews demolished the iron pillars and what was left of the building.