Releasing a girl from the village of Issawiya on condition of house-arrest and deportation
August 30, 2020

On Sunday, the occupation police released a girl from the Issawiya village, with conditions.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center’s lawyer for minors, Mohammad Mahmoud, explained that the police released the 16-year-old girl, Hanan Dari, on condition of two-day house-arrest, and a 10-day deportation from the area of Damascus Gate.

Lawyer Mahmoud explained that police officers arrested the girl, Dari, from Nablus Street in the area of Damascus Gate in Jerusalem.

Eyewitnesses explained to Wadi Hilweh Information Center that police officers stopped the “Issawiya” bus on Nablus Street, and after searching it and checking the passengers ’identities, they forced some of them to get off the bus, under the pretext of" not wearing the mask in the correct way.

The witnesses added that the police provoked the passengers while they were being held outside the bus, and attacked some of them by pushing, and during that time, they arrested the girl, Dari, Yasmine Qaisiya and Sajida Abu Roomi.

The witnesses added that the occupation forces released Qaisiya and Abu Roomi and issued them fines, while the girl Dari was charged with "assaulting a policeman" and was later released on the abovementioned conditions.