Displacing 10 individuals…The occupation authorities force Al-Razem family to self-demolish its home
August 31, 2020

On Monday morning, the two brothers, Abed Al-Salam and Oday Al-Razem, self-demolished their homes in the town of Beit Hanina, north of Jerusalem, by a decision of the occupation municipality, under the pretext of building without a permit.

The two brothers explained to Wadi Hilweh Information Center that the occupation municipality issued a decision about a month ago to demolish the two apartments, and in the event that the decision was not implemented by the Al-Razem family, the municipality’s mechanisms and staff would do so, and the family had to pay 125,000 shekels.

They added that they built the apartments and moved in about 8 years ago. The municipality imposed a building violation fine on the family, worth 40,000 shekels, and they tried to license the two apartments, but to no avail.

The family of Abed Al-Salam Al-Razem which consists of 7 individuals including 5 children, and the family of Oday, 3 members, including a child, lived in the two apartments.

The area of ​​each apartment is about 65 square meters.