The liberated prisoner, Salah Hammouri...Prosecutions for more than 20 years
September 4, 2020


The occupation intelligence handed the liberated prisoner, Salah Hammouri, a decision stating "the intention of the Minister of Interior in the occupation government to withdraw his residency in Jerusalem".

Hammouri explained that the occupation intelligence summoned him to the Al-Maskobyeh Police Station on Thursday, and there he received the decision to withdraw his residency under the pretext of "security and posing a threat to the security of the occupation state and disloyalty to it, and being a member of the Popular Front". The intelligence gave him 30 days to object to the decision.

The decision to withdraw Hammouri's residency comes after 4 years of his family's dispersal, after his wife was deported to France and prevented her from returning to her home in Jerusalem. Moreover, Hammouri said: “In 2016, during my wife's return from France to Jerusalem, she was detained for 3 days in the airport, then she was deported to France and banned from entry for 10 years, despite having a visa and the required documents enabling her to enter the Palestinian territories."

Hammouri noted that his wife was seven months pregnant when she was deported.

He explained that he was arrested for the first time in 2001, and then arrests multiple times for various durations, including a 7-year prison sentence on charges of "belonging to the Popular Front," not to mention the administrative arrests, and military decisions preventing him from entering the West Bank that lasted for two years.

Hammouri said: "These decisions aim to empty the Holy City of its people and to control Jerusalem, which is part of the settlement plans of the occupation government."