Jabal Al-Mukabber…Demolishing a residential building and an apartment, and another one waiting for the bulldozers to demolish it...families left homeless
September 14, 2020


The occupation municipality forced the Abu Dheim and Zahaika families to self-demolish their homes in the village of Jabal Al-Mukabber.

Abu Dheim family

After 20 years of building the building of the Abu Dheim family, attempts and procedures to license it, incurring heavy losses and imposing building violations worth 400,000 shekels ... the court today refused to freeze the decision to demolish the building and forced the family to carry out the immediate demolition, otherwise the municipality will do so and the family must pay the "demolition fee" to the bulldozers of the municipality and the accompanying forces.

Walid Abu Dheim explained that the building consists of two floors, "4 apartments and 3 shops," and 4 families live in it.

Zahaika family

Osama Zahaika self-demolished his house, which was built of reinforced tin plates and bricks, after municipal staff stormed his house in the morning, informing him of the demolition decision and giving him one day to implement it.

Zahaika explained that the area of his house is 70 square meters, which consists of two rooms and their amenities, and he lives in it with his family of 5, including 3 children.

The municipality imposed a building violation on Zahaika worth 25,000 shekels, and he tried to license the house, without success.

Zahaika said: "We are in the open space now after demolishing the house. We will search for a house to rent despite the difficulty of finding a house and the high monthly rent which is equivalent to the monthly salary of Jerusalemites."

Qunbar family

MasoudQunbar started emptying the contents of his house, in preparation for its demolition.

Qunbar explained that the municipality issued a finaldecision on the day before yesterday to demolish the house, after five years of attempts to license it and paying the construction violation worth 45,000 shekels.

Eight people live in the house, including 6 children.

Release and imposing house arrest

The occupation authorities released Shadi Mattour, the secretary of the Fatah movement in Jerusalem, and his wife, on the condition that the wife be under house arrest until the District Court decides on the objection filed against the withdrawal of herresidency in Jerusalem as explained by lawyer Khaldoun Nijem.,

Nijem added that the forces arrested Mattour and his wife near their home in Beit Hanina.