Issawiya- A series of arrests and searching neighborhoods
October 23, 2020

The occupation forces launched, at dawn Friday, a series of arrests in the village of Issawiya, after storming it and spreading out in its streets for several hours.

Mohammad Abu Al-Hummus, a member of the follow-up committee in Issawiya, explained that officers, intelligence and occupation forces stormed the village and spread inside its neighborhoods and streets, and carefully searched them, and fired light bombs in the sky.

The center learned that the occupation forces stormed several houses and arrested boys and men, and transferred them for investigation.

According to local sources from Issawiya, the forces arrested: Mohammad Khaled Mahmoud, Abd al-Rahman Thaer Mahmoud, Mohammad Walid Mahmoud, Yazan Emran Obaid, Mutasem Hamza Obaid, Nasir Abu Rayaleh and Sami Dari.

The occupation forces also arrested Yousef Bilal Abu Al-Hummus, after stopping him at the Z’ayem checkpoint.