Beit Hanina- Occupation municipality orders the Salaymeh family to self-demolish its home
October 26, 2020


On Monday, the occupation municipality forced Majid Mustafa Al-Salaymeh to self-demolish his house, in Beit Hanina, under the pretext of building without a permit.

The municipality issued two consecutive decisions, the first was to halt the construction of the house, and the second to demolish it, and the family tried to freeze and postpone the demolition decision in an attempt to obtain a license, but several sessions were held in the court, and a final decision to demolish the house was issued in the last session. The family received several calls from the police and the forces stormed their house several times to inform them that they had to implement the demolition decision, otherwise the municipality bulldozers will implement the decision.

The family explained that they began building the house 5 months ago, and lived in it as soon as the construction was completed.

The family explained that they started the demolition process two days ago, and completed it on Monday, as the municipality requested them to completely demolish the building.