Ali Taha…A year and a half since being injured deported and placed under house-arrest
November 8, 2020


On Sunday, Ali Bilal Taha, 17, who is also wounded turned himself in to the administration of Ramla prison, to serve his 4 and a half months' sentence.

Bilal Taha, the boy’s father, explained that he turned his son in on Sunday after he was sentenced to actual imprisonment at the end of last week, pointing out that he will remain in Ramle prison for two weeks "as part of measures to prevent the spread of Corona virus", then he will be transferred to Damon Prison.

Since July 2019, the life of the boy has totally changed,” from being critically injured to being under house-arrest and deported from his family, until the actual imprisonment, as his father explained.

Bilal Tahastated that his son was injured on 2/7/2019 at the Shu’fat refugee camp checkpoint, where he was shot by the occupation forces in his leg, and he was arrested while bleeding and was dragged and beaten. He was detained inside a room at the military checkpoint, and then transferred in an Israeli ambulance. In the first hours of his arrest, his family was prevented from accompanying him, or even knowing where he will be treated or detained.

Taha added that his son spent 14 days in detention in the hospital - despite his injury and his inability to move - then the judge issued a decision to release him on the condition of deportation to Beit Hanina and open house arrest. In September 2019, the judge decided to "ease the house arrest conditions" and placed him under house-arrest in his home in the Shu’fat refugee camp.

He added, "During the past hearing sessions, the judge eased the house-arrest conditions and Ali was able to leave the house with me during specific hours and days. Nevertheless, if we were stopped at any checkpoint, we would be detained and transferred to a police station where we would be investigated for several hours.

The father added that Ali underwent 8 surgeries during the past year, including "treatment" such as removing bullets and implanting platinum, some of them "cosmetic", and he still needs two surgeries.This increases the family's anxiety and fear for him, especially with the spread of the Corona virus.

The period of house arrest and deportation was not easy for Ali Taha, during which he suffered from severe pain in his leg and used to take painkillers to alleviate his pain, in addition to the state of boredom due to being away from his home and his family, especially his mother, "who was prevented from visiting him because she holds a West Bank identity.”