Jerusalem - Demolition and Displacement ... Beatings and Arrests
November 11, 2020

Today, Wednesday, the occupation vehicles demolished a residential house and a building under construction in the villages of Sur Baher and Al Tur in Jerusalem. During this time, the forces accompanying the municipality crew beat and arrested residents.

Al Tur

The bulldozers of the occupation demolished the building of the released prisoner, Ahmed Abu Al Hawa, under the pretext of building without a permit.

Abu Al Hawa explained that he began construction about two months ago, and today he was surprised by the demolition process, pointing out that the occupation demolished a building of his in 2016 consisting of 4 apartments.

During the storming of the demolition site, the occupation forces assaulted the owner of the building, his wife and their son Mohammad, by beating and arresting them. The police released the couple, while the arrest of their son was extended to be brought before the court tomorrow.

On this, the lawyer of Wadi Hilweh Information Center, Firas Jabrini, who visited the detainees at the Salah Al Din Police Station, stated that the young man, Mohammad Abu Al Hawa has bruises and wounds on his face, back and hand, as a result of the assault on him during his arrest. His mother also got various bruises.

Eyewitnesses indicated that the occupation forces attacked the young man, while he was at the demolition site while he was removing some items from the place. He was attacked with rifle stocks and fists. Then he was arrested, and during that his mother was severely beaten. When the owner of the building, Ahmed Abu Al Hawa, tried to reach the area of his house, he was prevented from entering, then attacked and arrested.

Demolishing in Sur Bahir

The occupation municipality demolished the house of Oday Rabay’a, under the pretext of building without a permit. During that, they arrested the two young men, Mohammad and Ahmad Rabay’a, and severely beat them, and extended their detention till tomorrow.

Oday Rabay’a said that he was surprised that they broke into his house in the afternoon hours, where the municipality crews began to empty its contents, and the forces closed the entire premises, then the bulldozer began demolishing.

Rabay’a explained that the occupation displaced his family of 5 “including 4 children” without prior warning. He explained that he has been living in his home since 2016, a year later, the municipality issued the demolition order, and he was able to delay it several times. A building violation was imposed on him, worth 55,000 shekels, which he continues to pay to this day.

He added, “Last July, I was given a period of 21 days for the demolition and I was able to postpone it through the engineer and lawyer to the beginning of this month. The municipality refused to postpone or freeze the demolition decision, and accordingly the police informed us of the need to demolish the house manually, otherwise the municipality will do so, without giving me a specific time for that.”