Released prisoner Anwar Obeid - Prosecutions with arrest, actual imprisonment and deportation
November 12, 2020

The young Jerusalemite Anwar Sami Obeid returned to his hometown of Al Issawiya after being forcibly deported from it by a military decision by the commander of the home front for a period of 4 months. However, he was soon harassed again by being arrested and interrogated.

The young man Anwar Obeid had been arrested more than 25 times during the past years, the first time being when he was 12 years old and the most recent arrest was last “Tuesday” evening. Arrests against him increased during the last year “during the campaign of punishment and assault on the people of Issawiya”. Likewise, his prosecution differed between summoning, nightly house arrest and deportation from the city of Jerusalem, in its eastern and western parts. The young man, Obeid, explained that the decision to deport him from Jerusalem, which lasted for 4 months, ended last Sunday. This is under the pretext of “threatening security in a residential neighborhood and carrying out terrorist activity by throwing fireworks and stones”. Two days after his return to Jerusalem, he was arrested again on Tuesday evening and then released. As for the period of his deportation from Jerusalem, Obeid said he was forced to rent a house in the town of Abu Deis, east of Jerusalem to spend his time being exiled from the city. He said, “I received the deportation decision last April, after I was summoned for investigation, I could not work. I tried to look for work during my deportation, but I was not able to land a job”.

He added that at the beginning of this year the occupation intelligence handed him a decision that imposes night-time home arrest on him and 6 other young men from the town. And at first they did not abide by the decision; he said, “The decision of our night house arrest is unfair and is an unjust decision that deprived us of our freedom without reason or evidence, and so were arrested 3 times under the pretext of “not adhering to it”.”

During the last arrest, we stayed in captivity for a month, and then we were released under condition of house arrest for about 3 months.

Obeid added, “After the end of the house arrest, I was summoned again for investigation, and after two days I received a decision to deport me from East Jerusalem. Then the decision was amended on the second day to deport me from both sides of Jerusalem”.

Obeid said: “Frequent arrests and constant provocation of me during my stay, whether inside or outside Issawiya has affected my life completely.”

Obeid explained that he spent 4 years in the occupation prisons, between the years 2014-2018.

Obeid emphasized his determination despite his constant persecution, and said: “We are steadfast ... this is our land and our country. We will not kneel except to God ... the prosecutions and attacks are the tax we pay to defend our dignity and freedom.”