Breaking- The martyrdom of a young man from Silwan after being shot at Al-Z’ayem checkpoint
November 25, 2020


A Palestinian man from Silwan, Nour Jamal Shqeir, was martyred on Wednesday after he was shot while crossing the Al-Z’ayem checkpoint, east of the occupied city of Jerusalem.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center’s lawyer, Mohammad Mahmoud, stated that a young man from Silwan had been announced dead after being shot at the checkpoint.

He explained that the intelligence summoned the father of the martyr and his brothers for investigation at Al-Maskobyeh Police Station in West Jerusalem.

A statement made by Hadassah Hospital said: "The injured person arrived at the emergency department, and his pulse had stopped after he suffered serious injuries in the abdomen, and after attempts to resuscitate him, doctors were forced to announce his death".

The Israeli police claimed that the young man tried to carry out a run-over attack at the checkpoint, and described his injury as serious, and he was taken to hospital for treatment, and after about an hour he was announced dead.