The body of Martyr Nour Shqeir will be released on Sunday evening
November 29, 2020


The occupation authorities decided to hand over the body of the JerusalemiteMartyr Nour Jamal Shqeir to his family on Sunday evening, to be buried in Bab Al-Rahma cemetery, east of Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The lawyer of the Prisoners and Executives Affairs Authority, Muhammad Mahmud, explained that the Israeli authorities decided to hand over the body of the Martyr Nour Shqeir according to the following conditions: Handing over the body of the martyr at the “Police Command in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem” at ten p.m., transfer it to Al-Maqased Hospital and then directly to the cemetery, with the participation of thirty people at the funeral, where only 20 of them are allowed to enter the cemetery, and not to raise flags or banners and chant slogans during the funeral, and to sign a financial guarantee worth 10 thousand shekels.

Last Wednesday, Nour Shqeir was martyred after being shot by the Israeli forces at Al-Z’ayem checkpoint.

Lawyer Mahmoud explained that the police investigation unit, "Mahash", has completed the preliminary investigations into the circumstances of the shooting of the young man, Nour Shqeir, and the lawyer said: "Handing over the body of the martyr indicates that he was executed without any reason, and denies allegations that he attempted to carry out any attack."