Silwan- The Magistrate Court surprises the Abu Rammouz family with an eviction order in absentia for its property
January 3, 2021


On Sunday, the Abu Rammouz family was surprised by the decision of the Magistrate Court, which handed over an eviction order to Nitham Abu Rammouz for their property in Batn Al-Hawa neighborhood in Silwan for the benefit of settlers.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center / Jerusalem stated that the court handed over the eviction decision to the young man when he went to the court to examine "the value of the guarantees imposed on him."

The Abu Rammouz family explained to the center that the eviction decision was issued in absentia in 2016, as sessions were held in absentia to discuss the real estate issue, without informing the family, summoning them to the court, or even giving them judicial notices, in addition to imposing a sum of money "to the court and the settlers' lawyer” of about 7,000 shekels.

The family added that it is in the process of presenting an immediate objection to the eviction decision to the District Court, rejecting the allegation that it has received a judicial notice demanding the land on which the property is located.

The center indicated that the property consists of 3 floors, and 3 families live in it.

The property of the Abu Rammouz family is located within the “Ateret Cohanim” scheme to control 5200 square meters of the lands of the Central Neighborhood “Batn Al-Hawa area”, under the pretext that it is owned by Jews from Yemen since 1881, and the “Ateret Cohanim” association claims that the Israeli Supreme Court has recognized the ownership of Jews from Yemen to the land of Batn al-Hawa. The threat of eviction threatens more than 87 families living on the plot of land threatened with confiscation.