A series of arrests in Shu’fat refugee camp
January 26, 2021

On Tuesday morning, the occupation forces carried out a series of arrests in Shu’fat refugee camp in Jerusalem.

Eyewitnesses reported to Wadi Hilweh Information Center that the Israeli occupation forces stormed the Shu’fat refugee camp at dawn, raided several homes, and executed arrest warrants for a number of young men and boys in the camp.

Eyewitnesses added that the forces arrested: Mu’taz Jaradat, Yazan Saya’ra, Bara’ Saya’ra, Hamza Jaradat, Mahmoud Alqam, Hamido Alqam, Yassin Taha, Qutaiba Farhan, and Mohammad Farroukh.

On Monday evening, the two youths, Fadi Kashur and Hussam Yaghmour, were also arrested as they passed through the Shu’fat camp checkpoint.