After summoning him for investigation- arresting the freed prisoner Risheq and his father and brother
February 8, 2021

On Monday afternoon, the occupation forces arrested a freed prisoner, after he was summoned for investigation at Al-Maskobyehpolice station in West Jerusalem.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center- Jerusalem stated, according to his family, that the occupation forces arrested the freed prisoner Ahmed Risheq, his father Asad and his brother Khaled, after he was summoned for investigation, while he was on his way to his home to Shu’fat refugee camp.

The family added that he would be brought before the Magistrate court judge.

The Negev prison administration released the prisoner Risheq on Monday morning, after he completed his 7 and a half years' prison sentence.

The occupation forces also arrested on Monday Mustafa Abu Zahra, head of the Islamic Cemeteries Committee, while he was at Al-Ghawanmeh Gate- one of the gates of Al-Aqsa - and Mohammad Hashlamon after storming his home in the Old City of Jerusalem.

The forces also arrested 3 young men after storming Bab al-Rahma prayer hall. Among them were Amir Abu Atta and Majd Kabha.