A new chapter of suffering - filing an indictment against Alaa Abu Tayeh
February 23, 2021


The Jerusalemite, Alaa Tawfiq Abu Tayeh, 22, was surprised by an indictment filed against him to the District Court, which included an allegation of "throwing stones and bottles" during clashes in Silwan in 2017, despite his injury at the time and the impact of the injury to this day.

The case started on 17/7/2017, when Alaa Abu Tayeh was on his way to visit his sister in Silwan, in conjunction with the occurrence of confrontations with the occupation forces and shooting. One of the bullets hit him in his lower limbs.

Abu Tayeh said: “I was hit in my right leg, and the bullet penetrated the intestine and settled to this day in the pelvis… I suffer from permanent pain in my lower limbs because the tendons and nerves are weak, in addition to pain in my stomach, and I constantly take medicine and painkillers.”

Abu Tayeh added that the police called his brother about two weeks ago, and demanded that Alaa go to the police station, and he said: “When I went to the center, I was surprised that they opened the case and filed an indictment against me, and on Sunday, a session was held for me in the District Court to read the indictment, to start the events of a new chapter of suffering.”

Abu Tayeh was surprised that an indictment was filed against him after these years and said: “When I was injured, I was transferred to Al-Maqased hospital, and at that time the forces surrounded the hospital and were stationed at the gate of the intensive care unit, and completely prevented anyone visits. Then the forces withdrew from the place, and after I left the hospital, which I stayed in for more than a month, I was summoned for investigation several times about the injury, and I thought the file was closed at the time, but an indictment was filed against me."