Injuries due to settlers’ attacks…arrests
February 28, 2021

The occupation police arrestedIbrahim Abu Hamed, late on Sunday evening, after he was attacked by dozens of settlers while he was working in the "Mi’a Shearim" neighborhood in West Jerusalem.

Dozens of settlers attacked the young man Abu Hamed while he was inside his bus, and tried to breach into it, and when he tried to escape from them, he lost control of the vehicle, and one of the settlers was run over and announced dead. All was documented by recordings published from the scene of the event.

Police said that they chased the young man and arrested him, and was transferred for treatment.

Mohammad Hassan Abu al-Hummus, a youth from the village of Issawiya, was wounded under his eye and in his head, and suffered a broken finger, and several bruises throughout his body, after settlers attacked him while he was walking in the "French Hill" settlement in Jerusalem.

Abu al-Hummus was transferred to Hadassah Hospital "Al-Issawiya" for treatment, then he was transferred to HadassahEin KeremHospital to undergo eye tests.

In the Old City of Jerusalem, the police arrested 3 young men, after settlers attacked boys who were in the area.

Eyewitnesses stated that settlers provoked the boys and assaulted them while they were in front of their homes, and then attacked the youths.

Settlers also threw stones andcaused damage to the vehicles of Jerusalemitespassing through Al-Musrara area and Street No. 1 adjacent to it.

In Batn Al-Hawa neighborhood in Silwan, the forces stormed the neighborhood, attacked the residents and fired sound grenades at their homes, and arrested the head of the neighborhood committee, Zuhair Al-Rajabi, and extended his detention to present him to the court. They also arrested Mohammad Saleh, then released him, and signs of assault, especially on his face, appeared.