He was paralyzed during a previous demolition…Demolishing the apartment of Hatem Abu Rayaleh
March 1, 2021

On Monday, the occupation municipality’s bulldozers demolished an apartment in the village of Issawiya, belonging to Hatem Abu Rayaleh, without prior notice.

Hatem Abu Rayaleh explained that he was surprised that the municipality's crews and its bulldozers, accompanied by the police forces, stormed his house, and after besieging it, they carried out a demolition, despite confirmation until late in the evening that the demolition process would not take place, as he continues his attempt to license the apartment.

Abu Rayaleh added that it was the sixth time that his apartment gets demolished, and the last time was at the end of 2019. He was forced to rebuild while trying to license it and submit the necessary papers, but to no avail, pointing out that according to the municipality departments, the land is "organized for construction."

In 1999, the municipality began pursuing Abu Rayaleh, and in 2009 bulldozers demolished his house, and then he fell down during the demolition process, which led to his paraplegia, and before his injury he was sentenced to imprisonment, under the pretext of not paying the fine for unlicensed construction. After serving his sentence and days after his release, the municipality demolished the house.