Pictures- The Ministry of Interior forces Jerusalemites to demolish their commercial facilities
March 1, 2021

The Ministry of Interior forced two Jerusalemites to demolish their commercial facilities in the "Atarot" industrial zone, north of Jerusalem, under the pretext of building without a permit.

Adham Tabash Abu Sneineh explained that the Ministry of Interior asked him and his neighbor from the Al-Rajabi family to demolish their commercial establishments, and gave them until "last Sunday," to carry out the demolition, otherwise the mechanisms will implement it and they must pay "the costs and the demolition fee."

Abu Sneineh explained that he has been building and establishing the land for the establishment of the commercial facility, a "car showroom", for 3 years, and has already built a floor of concrete, and 3 rooms of reinforced sheet "offices", and the site is being prepared for the opening, until the Ministry of Interior refused to license the facility.

 “The land was all hills and stones," Abu Sneineh said, "digging and building continued for years, at a cost of 570,000 shekels, and last Thursday I was informed of the final demolition decision."