After suppressing the activity and arresting them…releasing two women
March 8, 2021

On Monday evening, the police released two women, after they were arrested during the suppression of the exhibition "Our Identity Our Heritage", in Al-Tur village.

The occupation intelligence personnel and forces stormed, at noon, the headquarters of the Women’s Center in Al-Tur, and stationed at its doors, and after storming it, checked the identities of most of those present in the place, and confiscatedsome of the exhibition’s contents. Then, the forces arrested the center’s director, Ikhlas Al-Sayyad, and Mrs. Manal Abu Sbitan.

The intelligence personnel placed an order to prevent the event, according to a decision by the Minister of Internal Security, Amir Ohana, under the pretext that it was sponsored by the Palestinian Authority.

The Women’sCenter organized the event to mark the International Women's Day.