Renewal of the house arrest on the governor of Jerusalem in Silwan
March 12, 2021

he occupation intelligence delivered, late on Thursday evening, two military decisions, from "the commander of the home front in the occupation army," to the governor of Jerusalem, Adnan Ghaith, after he was summoned for investigation at Al-Maskobyeh police station.

The first decision provides for the renewal of the house arrest in his place of residence in the town of Silwan, and forbidding him to stay and move within the city of Jerusalem except for his place of residence in the town. The second decision requires the renewal of the lack of "direct and indirect" contact with dozens of people, headed by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, in addition to officials and field activists.

Since the appointment of Ghaith as Governor of Jerusalem, military decisions have been made against him and are renewed every 6 months. They are: imposing house arrest in Silwan, preventing him from communicating with leaders and personalities, preventing him from reaching the West Bank, preventing him from "holding or participating" in any meetings inside Jerusalem or any event, and preventing him from paying money and aid to institutions and those affected.