The occupation municipality orders two Jerusalemites to self-demolish a house and a shop in Jerusalem
March 14, 2021

Late on Sunday evening, two Jerusalemites proceeded to self-demolish their facilities in the villages of Jabal al-Mukabber and Silwan, by a decision of the occupation municipality.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center / Jerusalem stated that Ahmed Hijazi self-demolished his house in the neighborhood of Ein al-Lozehin Silwan, and Mohammad Abu Hussein self-demolished his commercial store in Jabal al-Mukabber, after they were given until Monday morning to carry out the demolition, otherwise the municipality's mechanisms will do so and they must pay a "demolition fee" to the municipality's crews and the forces accompanying them.


Hijazi explained that he was forced to demolish his house after giving him hours to implement the decision, otherwise a "demolition fee" of 100-150 thousand shekels will be imposed on him.

He has been living with his family in the house since 2014, and said: “I transferred the house’s parking lot, restored it and turned it into a house to live in, and after 3 years the municipality imposed a“building violation fee”worth 25,000 shekels, and during that time I tried to license the house, then the municipality issued a decision to demolish it. I tried to appeal to the Magistrate’s and District courts, but to no avail."

Hijazi added: "Licensing procedures are crippling. In order to license my 90-square-meter house, I am asked to provide the organization plans of 50 Dunoms on which facilities have existed for hundreds of years ... These procedures are illegal, but rather a policy for our displacement."

Jabal al-Mukabber

Mohammad Abu Hussein emptied his "restaurant", then proceeded to demolish it, pointing out that the shop has been in existence for 20 years, and the municipality issued a decision 3 years ago to demolish it and imposed a financial violation on it, and he was able to freeze the demolition during the past years, until the beginning of this March.

Abu Hussein explained that the municipality forced him about 4 months ago to self-demolish his house in the village.