After being subjected to house arrest and deportation…sentencing two boys from Silwan for actual imprisonment
March 17, 2021

On Wednesday, the District Court sentenced two Jerusalemite boys to 38 months in prison.

The Wadi Hilweh Information Center / Jerusalem stated that the District Court judge sentenced the two boys, Saed al-A’war, 17, and Mohammad Zalloum, 17, from Silwan, to actual imprisonment of 38 months, on charges of "throwing Molotov cocktails at a settlers’ bus."

Zalloum and al-A’war turned themselves in to the administration of Al-Maskobyehprison on 27/9/2020, after spending 5 months under house arrest and being deported away from the place of residence. The Zalloum family had to rent an apartment in the village of Al-Tur, and the al-A’war family had to rent in Sur Baher. Electronic bracelets were put on the feet of the two boys during the home detention period, to determine their movement.

The boys were arrested on 5/4/2020, after storming their homes in Silwan and were transferred to the cells of Ashkelon prison for 22 days, during which they were subjected to assault for long hours, beatings, and insults. Then they were transferred to Megiddo prison and then Dimon, and several extension sessions were held for them until an indictment was presented to them, then they were released on condition of home confinement and being deported away from their place of residence, then they chose actual imprisonment due to the difficulty of the deportation period and the house arrest as their home became like a prison, and they were prevented from distance learning under the pretext of "Internet distribution in the two homes distorts the electronic bracelet device."