Self-demolishing 3 facilities by their owners in Jerusalem
March 21, 2021

On Sunday, three Jerusalemites demolished their "residential and commercial" facilities in the village of Issawiya and Shu’fat refugee camp in the city, by a decision of the occupation authorities, after attempts to license them were rejected.

In the village of Issawiya, the municipality forced the families of Atyeh and Obaid to self-demolish their apartments using hand demolition tools.

The Obaid family explained that they started building an apartment for their son Mohammad, and during that the municipality issued a demolition order, and the family was forced to implement it, in order to avoid paying fines. It is noteworthy that it is an under-constructionapartment.

The Atyeh family explained that they began demolishing the "under construction"apartment, which is the "third floor of the building," after the demolition decision was issued and the municipality refused to freeze it. The family noted that they began construction about 5 months ago.

In Shu’fat refugee camp, Mohammad Al-Sabah self-demolished his building after the Israeli Ministry of Interior refused to freeze the demolition decision and its licensing, under the pretext of its proximity to the separation wall and the prohibition of construction in the area.

Al-Sabah explained that he stopped construction several months ago, after the demolition decision was issued, and tried to license it but to no avail, until a final demolition decision was issued and stated that if it is not implemented, the occupation mechanisms will do so and he has to pay 300,000 shekels (the demolition fee for the occupation bulldozers and the accompanying forces).

Al-Sabah added that parts of the building were finished completely, and construction was halted in parts of the building in an attempt to license it.