A series of arrests in the Old City of Jerusalem
March 22, 2021

On Monday morning, the occupation forces arrested 13 young men after storming their homes in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Eyewitnesses stated that the occupation forces and intelligence carried out arrested the following from the Old City:

1. Amir Al-Basti

2. Mahmoud Al-Shawish

3. Mohammad Abu Farha

4. Majd Sharifeh

5. Sufian Al-Ajlouni

6. Mohammad Hijazi

7. Abdullah Hirbawi

8. Mustafa Abu Ghazaleh

9. Amin Dweik

10. Khaled Malhas

11. Mohammad Hazina

12. Jihad Qos

13. Rawhi Kulghasi

The center learned that some of the young men whose names were mentioned above were detained and investigated on the ground, then were released without conditions.