The occupation municipality demolishes 3 homes in Jerusalem
March 24, 2021

Today, Wednesday, the occupation municipality demolished 3 houses in the village of Jabal Al Mukaber and Shuafat Camp in Jerusalem, under the pretext of building without a permit.

 Wadi Hilweh Information Center / Jerusalem stated that the occupation forces, accompanied by vehicles and municipal crews, stormed Shuafat camp in the early morning hours, as well as the village of Jabal Al Mukaber in the afternoon.

Jabal Al Mukaber

The occupation bulldozers demolished the homes of Khaled and Munir Al Abbasi, after the municipality rejected the family's attempts to license them and freeze the decision to demolish them.

The Abbasi family had emptied the contents of the two apartments, after being given until the eleventh of this month to carry out the demolition, the occupation has utterly refused to postpone or freeze the decision of demolition for them.

Khaled Al Abbasi explained: “We’ve been trying to license the two homes since 2016, but the conditions and requirements were impossible and we always went back to square one”. He pointed out that the municipality imposed a building violation on the family worth 70,000 shekels, and the family continues to pay their monthly installments.

Seven people live in the two houses, half of whom are children.

Shufat Camp

The municipality's machinery demolished a housing facility under construction and a warehouse.

Local sources from the camp reported that the municipality issued a demolition order for the facility about 5 months ago, the family implemented the decision but one of the walls and columns remained, and when bulldozers stormed the site today, they demolished them as well as a warehouse under the apartment.

 Local sources also indicated that the family has until next week to implement the decision of manual demolition.