Al-Tur…Arrests made and preventing an activity on Mother’s Day
March 28, 2021

On Sunday, the occupation forces, accompanied by intelligence services, stormed the "Mount of Olives" stadium in the village of Al-Tur, and prevented the "Mother's Day Exhibition and Bazaar" that the women's center - the Mount of Olives Club –organized in the village.

The ban decision signed by "the Minister of Internal Security in the occupation government, Amir Ohana," stated that the event is being held under a Palestinian national character with the support and financing of the Palestinian Authority, without a written or agreed-upon permit and according to the "Law of Implementation of the Agreement on the West Bank and Gaza Strip- 1994 "- according to what was stated in the ban order.

Mohammad al-Sayyad, secretary of the Mount of Olives Club, explained to Wadi Hilweh Information Center- Jerusalem that the club holds an annual Mother’s Day event, and this year, we were surprised to break into the venue of the event during the arrangement and preparation for it, and remove those present, and during that the people in charge of the event were informed of the ban decision.

Al-Sayyad explained that the event's program varied between "a dabkeh show, a traditional fashion show, competitions, in addition to various sales stations, handicrafts, embroidery and food."

Al-Sayyad noted that the forces arrested Ikhlas al-Sayyad, director of the women's center in the village, and Malik al-Mughrabi, and beat him severely resulting in multiple bruises on his face.

While the sports supervisor at the Mount of Olives Club, Mohammad Al-Hadreh, rejected the allegations and arguments to prevent the event, and said: “For the second time this month, the intelligence services prevented a social event for the club, the first on the Women's Day and today on the occasion of Mother’s Day ... These are social activities with the support of the townspeople, without any coordination with any official Palestinian bodies to establish them, as the occupation authorities claim."

Al-Hadreh added that the occupation is pursuing and preventing all activities in the city of Jerusalem.