He carried the prisoners’ message - releasing the prisoner Barbar after spending 20 years in prison
March 29, 2021

The occupation police released the prisoner, Majd Barbar, from the town of Silwan, after spending 20 years in the occupation’s prisons.

The intelligence services arrested the freed prisoner Barbar upon his release from the Negev desert prison, and transferred him for investigation at the Al-Maskobyeh police station, and summoned his brother Ezz El-Din Barbar for investigation. After several hours of detention and investigation, they were released, on condition of not raising any flags or doing fireworks.

Izz al-Din Barbar - Majd's brother - explained that the intelligence services tried to release Majd under the following conditions: imposing home detention for a period of 5 days and preventing entry to the West Bank for a period of 10 days, but he refused the imposition of any conditions.

The prisoner, Barbar, said in an interview with him upon his release: “The prisoners’ issue should not be dealt with as a humanitarian one only, as it is a political issue par excellence, and everyone should deal focus on this issue. The prisoners sacrificed their lives for the sake of the Palestinian cause, the people and the land.”

Barbar added: "The time has come for all factions to stand up to their responsibility and release the prisoners. There are prisoners who have spent decades in prisons, and the release of prisoners must be on the top of their priorities."

The freed prisoner Barbar, also referred to the prisoners whowere released in the prisoners’ exchange deal, and said: "This file must be ended. These prisoners spent long years in prison and were released in the deal and were re-arrested 7 years ago, and today they are serving the unknown sentence...They should be released and returned to their families."

Barbar also stressed the need for an immediate end to the division, and for the elections next May to constitute a stage for uniting the Palestinian ranks and restoring the factions' cohesion, as they are the spearhead in the face of all plans.

Barbar said: "I returned today victoriously to my town, Silwan, to my family and people. Our cause is a just cause. We must educate our children to belong to the land, the people, and the identity and not to lose the vision."