Six individuals left without shelter…the Shkeirat family self-demolishes its home in Jabal Al-Mukabber
April 4, 2021

Amer Salem Shkeirat self-demolished his house in Jabal Al-Mukabber village, by a decision of the occupation municipality.

Shkeirat explained that the municipality issued a decision to demolish his house in mid-March, and gave him 21 days to implement the demolition decision, otherwise the municipality's mechanisms will do so, so he was forced to self-demolish it, and said: “It is a great misfortune for us to demolish our homes with our own hands ... it is an unjust racist measure that increases our adherence to our land."

Shkeirat added that his house has existed since 2016, and the municipality imposed an "unlicensed building violation" of 60,000 shekels, and he was committed to paying it, pointing out that the house is 90 square meters and consists of "4 rooms and their facilities," and the construction cost amounted to 250,000 shekels.

The occupation displaced Amer Shkeirat's family of 6people, including 4 children, aged 3-14 years.